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jakie naczynie do lasagne

jakie naczynie do lasagne

Here Is Johnny - Figure Skating Has Been Saved!

Apparently Johnny Weir has skated a flawless short program at the World Figure Skating Championships in Gotebord, Sweden, on Friday, while the past two title winners, Stephane Lambiel of Switzerland and Brian Joubert of France, fumbled or fell. Just when his fans thought he was exploited by the new scoring system, Johnny has produced an otherwise flawless routine to win the bronze, combining with Carriere tenth place finish, giving the US three spots to next year's world's championships.

Weir, the three-time U.S. champion, needed to be at his best to stay among the medal contenders Friday, that he did. He is a first rate, smooth extremely talented skater. His individuality and fearlessness are an inspiration. Johnny Weir is a wonderful skater and he will continue to improve Since Zmievskaya and Petrenko would not be baby-sitting him. He has proven himself to be, mature, gracious and a skater who can challenge on a world level. Johnny Weir likes controversy. He likes drama. He's never boring. However, this season, he seems different , he is more focused and consistent. The new coaching of Galina Zmievskaya, and Petrenko seem to have work wonders for Johnny.

Weir scored big wins at the Cup of China and Cup of Russia, defeating two-time world champion Stéphane Lambiel of Switzerland both times. He was magnificent at the U.S. nationals That being said, with the men the final event at World , Weir can finally get back his respect.

Johnny was phenomenal this year. He pursued his dream and proved that he has the talent and artistry to be a winner. He certainly has it to be the champion and is wonderful to watch as well. He is very artistic. Johnny Weir is infinitely interesting to watch..

Meanwhile, despite the change, some of the "old" johnny keep making a comeback.

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