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jakie naczynia myjemy w zmywarce

jakie naczynia myjemy w zmywarce

Hit and Run by Lawrence Block

John Keller is a hit man who has a passion for collecting stamps. One might think this type of employment and hobby just don't seem to go together. Being different is what makes this character very interesting.

John Keller was paid in advance for what he figured would be his last job before retirement. He had a strange feeling all along that he was being set up. Why was he paid in advance? Keller wanted to get the job over but each time he made the call for the OK to do it, he was told to hold off until the next day. The only person he could really trust was Dot.

Then it happened. The Governor is killed. As he was watching TV from his motel room, they showed the killer's face - A very familiar face at that! Yes, John was set up. Now what does he do? He knows his fingerprints are all over a Glock automatic gun. He was offered a choice of two guns and chose the other. Of course, in trying to decide which gun he wanted, John handled the Glock. He spent just abut all of his money on some stamps he bought, his credit cards are no longer good and he cannot reach Dot by phone.

What happens to John? Does he make it to retirement?

The only way I can describe this latest Lawrence Block thriller is to say that it totally consumed me. I didn't want to stop reading it and when I put it down, I couldn't wait to pick it up and continue. John Keller really makes this book something special. He is a hit man you just have to love. It's just his calm way of dealing with his "jobs" that impress you. He is very careful by "almost always" covering his tracks. There were times when he registered at more than one motel and did not stay in any of them. Each job he does just seems to be all in a day's work. This is a very fast paced novel, suspenseful and it also contains humor. Lawrence Block is a master at writing the "Hit Man" series. It sounds like Mr. Block might be getting ready to "retire" Keller but I sure hope this doesn't happen. This is one of the best thrillers I have read and I would love to see another Jack Keller novel sometime in the near future.

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