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indukcja jakie naczynia

Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher, No 13) By Lee Child - Book Review

Gone Tomorrow is the thirteenth book in the Jack Reacher series by award-winning author Lee Child. Lee Child is a pen name of Jim Grant.

Most of the previous twelve novels of the Jack Reacher series won major awards or have been nominated. Gone Tomorrow is expected to follow the success of its predecessors with its release in May in the UK and in June in the U.S.

Jack Reacher, the protagonist in Lee Child's novels, is a former Unite States Army Military Police Major. Jack Reacher has a special ability of knowing the time, any time of the day, without looking at a watch or a clock.

indukcja jakie naczynia

An excerpt of Gone Tomorrow has been released in the internet and has gained a positive review among editors and avid fans of Lee Child. The excerpt opens by saying something about suicide bombers being very easy to spot, especially to those who has worked in the law enforcement. Later it is revealed that Jack Repear is actually on the subway and is facing one of the suspected suicide bombers, and a question is forming in his head whether he's going to save lives or not.

Gone Tomorrow offers the same kind of intensity that the previous twelve novels has offered, and Lee Child is expected to make a hit of his thirteenth novel. With Jack Reacher, the intelligent, muscle-bound, former military man, readers are sure to finish the book in one sitting.

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