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jakie naczynia mozna wkladac do mikrofalowki

jakie naczynia mozna wkladac do mikrofalowki

Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn - A Book Review

Extreme Measures is the most recent edition in Flynn's series that features CIA operative Mitch Rapp. The book follows Rapp as he continues to hunt down terrorists under the loose guidance of his boss, CIA Director Irene Kennedy. This time around, Flynn adds ex-Marine Mike Nash to Rapp's team. Nash's character is an interesting study, whether he's dealing (or not dealing) with past physical and emotional scars he obtained in combat, or with the many family issues that come his way.

The book begins with Rapp and Nash sneaking onto a foreign Air Force base in the middle of the night so that they can "talk" to two terrorism suspects who have recently been detained there. Rapp, in particular, takes more of a hands-on approach with one of the suspects and finds out that a terror cell is planning an attack somewhere on US soil. Before Rapp can get any more specific information from the suspects, the base commander shows up and demands that Rapp begin using a hands-off approach. Hands-off is crucial at this point, since three US Senators have already been to visit the prisoners and personally guaranteed that they would be treated quite well.

The rest of the book follows Rapp and Nash as they track down leads and navigate one political minefield after another, hopefully before any serious damage is done to America.

This book is full of action, suspenseful and hard to put down. I don't recommend reading it before bed because you will be up way past your bedtime.

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