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jakie naczynie cwu

jakie naczynie cwu

The only link I have noticed with successful completion of this jump are solar flares. The very first one I ever landed several years ago was during a major solar storm which threatened to knock out telecommunications equipment on a large scale. Several weeks ago there was another solar flare, which I was made aware of thanks to my teenage son who has an app for these kinds of things on his iPod. It wasn't a major one, in fact he assures me that any significant effects were felt on the eastern hemisphere of the planet since the flares occurred in the middle of our night. However..... on that day something changed, finally started to feel the connection between all the different parts of the jump. Maybe I had finally found Mr Axel's Achilles Heel, as it were.

Another coach also helped me deconstruct the whole jump earlier this spring, it seems that me finally landing a consistent axel has actually become something of a cause celèbre amongst the coaching staff of my skating school. I think we may actually have isolated the exact point at which everything stats to unravel.... could this be the "hot -button issue" in our relationship??? Some couples get into a fight over money or which set of in-laws to spend Christmas with. Us? It's over the position of my left shoulder as I step onto my left foot for takeoff.

Since then, things have improved, I now jump a little higher and rotate a little faster, so says coach. I also fall just about every time I try it. This seems to please coach the most, she says I'm moving in the right direction, I guess "down" is as good a direction as any.

So after many years of acrimony, perhaps Mr Axel and I can now live peaceably together. It was a kind of arranged marriage from the start; my heart will always belong to Mr Double Loop who has always been there for me, reliable as ever.

And if all of this sounds a little strange.....just remember... what happens on the ice stays on the ice.

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