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jakie naczynie wzbiorcze otwarte

How to Become a Cartoonist - What Do I Need to Start Drawing Cartoons

How to become a cartoonist?Drawing a cartoon iseasy and funsince you get to really draw without many limits compared to realistic and other types of drawings.

Cartoon drawing is about expression your thoughts and feelings, many times in humorous way.

Figure outwhat kind of cartoons you are interested in drawing.Make a listof interests you have outside of drawing. For example, if you like fiction, you may want to go into graphic novels. Maybe you decide a comic strip is your speciality because you like telling funny stories. If you are interested in politics, you may choose to be a political cartoonist. Choose your fields of cartoons you would like to draw.

Cartooning is one of the mostexciting and funways to express yourself through art. It is also one of the easiest ways to break into the art field. The average cartoonist works from home and use day life, uses the news and special events in their community and around the world as a source of inspiration.

Skills I need.

Do you even need to be able to draw? Well not as well but you should be able to put pen to paper. Sense ofhumouris very important.

Practise and patience can make you a cartoonist. No one ever will become a cartoonist overnight. Maybe you remember when you learnt to write. It took a little while before people could read your alphabets. Try the same thing now with cartoons, just using a pencil, some paper and the simple lesson of the booklet. If you have never really drawn before, I suggest tracing off pictures, it is not cheating; it is a tool to help you get used to drawing cartoons. When you get better, you will not need to trace any more. You can also use images from books, magazines to study and draw the same on paper.

The tools.

Cartoons require littleequipment. What you need is some drawing pens, and some very soft, soft and medium pencils and oval point writing pens, drawing paper, a pad of tracking paper, soft and hard erasers, a bottle of Indian ink, some Chinese white for touching up errors and a pen-holder.

Take your time! Do not rush. You want to get as much fun out of this as you can while learning. After you know where to look, you will have more ideas than you will ever be able to use.

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