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jakie naczynia do plyty indukcyjnej

jakie naczynia do plyty indukcyjnej

Face Painting Designs- Create a Tiger

How easy is it to paint a tiger face?

This article leads you through the painting of a tiger face for children at a birthday party, for example, step by step. The article reveals how the various different layers and details of the tiger face are built up using face paints. Tips about the shades of paint colours that need to be used and details about the quality of the brushes and sponges that should be used are also highlighted throughout.

Naturally, different colours can be used in order to create different effects in the painting of a tiger face, but the step by step guide outlined below provides the most basic and the most popular of tiger face designs as a start. Before you begin to paint you will need a supply of clean water, a dry towel (to place around the person's neck who is being painted) and either some wet wipes or a damp flannel (to keep your hands clean).

jakie naczynia do plyty indukcyjnej

Step 1:

Use a sponge in order to paint a white area around the mouth in a dabbing technique. This will help to keep the whiskers white and bright later on in the process.

Step 2:

jakie naczynia do plyty indukcyjnej

Use a clean sponge to paint yellow around the eyes, cheeks and chin. This will form the perfect base for your tiger face.

Step 3:

Use another sponge (in order not to mix the colours together) to add orange around the outside of the face. Then comes a tricky step in the process. You will need to begin blending the orange and yellow together by going slightly over the edges of the yellow paint with the orange. Make sure that you use a fair bit of water to make the paint workable enough on the face and to not cause discomfort to the person being painted. Also, if the paint is too dark you can keep blending using the yellow and orange sponges together until you reach the effect that you are happy with.

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