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jakie naczynia do piekarnika elektrycznego

jakie naczynia do piekarnika elektrycznego Most of the competitors today include 6 or 7 triple jumps, several spins and combinations. Most men not only do the same but also do quadruple jumps during their free-skate program.

The judges then award points for a score. Two aspects are considered.

Technical mark takes into account the requires elements. It reflects the difficulty the skaters had to perform as well as the clean execution of the spins, footwork and jumps.

The Presentation mark reflects the flow, as well as the choreography and the balance of the figure skating program. It also takes into account the skaters ability to reflect themselves into the music. They must skate with speed, confidence and effort.


Figure skating is not an exact science and neither is judging. The scores can range from 0.0 to 6.0. Judges must take into consideration all of the various aspects involved in the program and make a scoring decision based upon the guidelines. Very rarely will an Olympic figure skating contestant obtain a score of 6.0.

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